Bazara Asian Cuisine discovered and unlocked the intimacy between freshness and flavourful, traditional and modernity, east and west, and thus the history of Bazara Asian Cuisine was born. We have been grateful to share our distinct style of fusion cuisine with the Greater Toronto Area.

Our fusion menu is a collection of masterful dishes produced by our executive Master Chefs. From our colourful appetizers like Chicken Satay with Mango Salad to mouth-watering Pad Thai, we offer wonderful flavours like no other restaurant.
All of our ingredients are of the finest quality. In our opinion, anything less would be unacceptable and as we're obsessed with freshness, we're equally passionate about providing you with healthy choices. We insist on all-natural ingredients to present you an array of savory experience. Trust us when we tell you that we're committed to quality.

Each of our choice dishes is created with expert attention. Our chefs devote themselves to ensuring your meal is always outstanding. Not to mention, every dish is cooked right when you order it! That mean fresh, quality food - just the way you like it. As great care and time is spent with every dish, you are sure to be delighted by our innovative ideas and charming presentations.

It is our promise to serve you as fast as possible without compromising our impeccable standards. At Bazara Asian Cuisine we're absolutely committed to treating you to something 'delightfully out of the ordinary'.